Monday, 19 December 2011

Small amount of progress...

Quick progress update, Sadly not to much to show for my time.

Reposed destroyer and added some battle damage:

Extended the Juggernauts axe:

Great bears and dog ready to paint:

Hopefully I will get some paint on something soon, Just need to work out a scheme I am happy with.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Battle box bash update

 Battle Box Bash Information

Warmachine and Hordes
Battle Box Bash!
The B.B.B. is an escalation campaign using Warmachine and Hordes Battle Boxes as a starting point.
The rules are designed for a fun campaign rather than serious tournament style play.
Your army must use the official battle box (or equivalent) for your faction. A few unofficial battle boxes for Minions and Mercenary and Retribution have been created but not sold by PP and these can also be used. Please contact me if you unsure what is in you battle box force.
Because points for the various Battle Boxes can vary from 8 to 13 points in order to start from the same level please add models to your battle box to have a 15 point army.
Tier Lists are allowed
Any games can be played at LXG meetings throughout 2011 and 2012 though this is not compulsory, you can playe xtra games out of session if you like.
December – February 15 points (Must include your Battle Box)
March – May 25 points (Must include your Battle Box)
June – August 35 points (Must include your Battle Box) in this period we hope to run a 1 day tournament though CMIC (Cooinda Multiannual invitational Clash). This will be confirmed closer to the date.
September – November 50 points (Included Battle Box) may sub the Warcaster / Warlock from the battle box in this period we hope to run a 1 day tournament though LXG (League of Extraordinary Gamers)
By the end of November 2012 we should all have a painted 50 point army and possibly two 35 point lists suitable for tournament play.
1 point per game (Per person played) includes both inside and outside the campaign is
1 point for playing the game with a fully painted force (all games count)
1 point per win (all games count)
The goal of B.B.B. is to learn the in-and-outs of a new faction for WM and Hordes and paint some great models – finish the League with a great looking 50 point army or even two playable 35 point list armies and most important have fun playing games. (Taken verbatim from getbehindmedicegods)

Where I'm at now.

I didn't get a chance to post pics the other night as I could not find the data cable for my camera, So here they are now. While I was at it i thought I may as well do my great bears.

Here are the before shots:

I am going to try attempt a bit of light conversion work to the jacks, I want them to look a little more unique and/or stand out a little more than the average jack. As for the great bears there's not much I can do with them... Hopefully the paint will make them stand out.

I am going to pick all my paints up and do some color experimentation hopefully over the weekend, By then I should have an update ready also.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Beginning

This is my blog for the Big Battle Box Bash. If everyone else is making one...why not?

Having won the khador battlebox at floodmachine my choice in faction is already determined.
To begin with I'm going to stick the models in a bath of dettol to strip the paint as I won them painted and I'm not to keen on the plain red scheme, and it kind of feels like cheating not having to paint my mini's.

My current theme I have been using is a dirty bone and small amounts of red, Originally it's not what I wanted but I was to scared to paint crisp bright colors as my painting skills are quite low. So I decided to give it a shot and strip everything and start anew and hopefully I can get plenty of progress pics along the way.
I'm looking to get something a little more winter looking with whites, blues and probably something different to mix it up like some purple or turquoise.

I ordered the variant sculpt of sorcha for something a bit different, on the way with her is Man-o-War Drakhun and Kell Bailoch.

I will post a before pic tonight when i strip the mini's.